Design in Oil

less tension, less distortion, unchanged component dimension

Body, chassis, axles, gear manufacturers, system suppliers, etc. receive analyzes of process fluids, production notes and manufacturers used accompanying analysis on request at helios lubeoil, Metalworking Department. See forming oils and Wärembehandlung, cooling lubricants to less stress, less distortion, unchanged dimension of the component.

helios lubeoil®_LKW_Premium_Motorenoele

Cars, Auto, Passenger Car, Used Oil Analysis
Lorries, Trucks
Railway Locomotives
Industrial and Horbour Vehicle
Mobile Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Lattice cranes
Bock Cranes
Loading bridges, Container Gantry, Hoists- and Vacuum Systems
Floating Cranes

Multipurpose Greases environmentally friendly
Industrial Greases
Track Greases
High-Performance Grease
Seawater Marine Greases

Knowledge of the condition and predictive maintenance, as well as failure analysis and damage monitoring with helios lubeoil oil® analysis.