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rely on lubricant precautionary analysis helios and AUS40

Knowledge of the condition and predictive maintenance, as well as failure analysis and damage monitoring with helios lubeoil oil® analysis. For Defence, NATO and friendly Navy units you contact us.

New-2019 UREA 40 pure fluid® Marine bulk or IBC delivery Europe, Germany, France, Gibraltar, Singpore and more harbours

NEW-2014!!! helios Premium KMXX named MTU 3.1 approval!!! helios KMXX: MTU "approval meets the requirements for Oil Category 3.1 and is approved for use in all MTU engines (except Series 8000, 956 TB31/32/33/34 and 1163 TB32 Genset) and DDC engines Series 2000/4000. The letter of approval does not cover Series 1800 engines."

Engine oils, main engines, auxiliary engines, emergency power, power take-offs

Variable pitch propeller, Sterntube Oils, Sterntubegrease

Stabiliser Systems

Compressor oils

Hydraulic oils, mineral, polyglycol, synthetic esters

Industrial gear oils Mineral, synthetic esters

Refrigeration systems

Machine monitoring

Deck equipment



Container bridges

Loading cranes and lift equipment

Converbelts, conveyor belts


VGP lubricants EAL lubes Vickers; helios lubeoil official Vickers distributer


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