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To stamp automotive body parts or use flammable hydraulic fluids, combined with helios lubeoil cooling lubricants, the following corrosion protection and cleaning of the workpieces and equipment. Here you will find comprehensive, coordinated product programs that increase your productivity and efficiency. Standard lubricating oil and greases complete the helios Luboil product portfolio.

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When punching flat parts of various materials are manufactured with a press or on impact and a cutting tool. At each periodic gereihtes punching to cut out of sheet metal parts is called nibbling. When high power punches are processes such as welding, crimping, riveting and forming integrated into special composite tools. This partly highly complex tools, it is effective to deploy and effectively protect. Qualified stamping oils and forming oils are the most important tool to avoid committee to prevent wear and costly post-processing.

Knowledge of the condition and predictive maintenance, as well as failure analysis and damage monitoring with helios lubeoil oil analysis.