with safety knowledge

based on analytical methods, laboratory equipment, test equipment wear

Oil and grease analysis, test laboratory equipment, test methods and manufacturers oil check far beyond the usual standards addition, elemental analysis: HLAS offer lubricating oil and grease analyzes with almost all laboratory and analytical methods on a high current levels.

Flash point test, lubricants, fuel, Jet A1, diesel, AGO, MGO

Viscosity test

Cloud Point Test

Pour Point Test

Test pH

Chip Filter Test

Corrosion test

Water separation, water content test

Hydrochloric acid splitting test

Particle counting purity determination

Color determination

Foaming characteristics test

Bacteria test, Plize and yeasts test

Grease analysis: Penetration Tests, contamination with solid particles, dropping point

4-ball tester, VKA test; Wear test welding

Tapered roller bearing test; wear test

FZG test, Brugger test; Wear test seizure

LAV air separation characteristics test

IR Spectroscopy

Lubricating oil Radioscopy analysis

Gas chromatograph

Scanning electron microscope

Gas in oil test; insulating oils

Corrosion test

Diesel analysis

Fuel analysis

Jet A1 analyzes with Doctor test and test Freezpoint

Automotive Analysis Service

Industrial Analysis Service

Lubricant Analysis Service

Oil HLAS scan monitoring of the oil condition