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2017 August

SAVE natural resource lithium: 

In a world with the demand for ever higher performance, we already offer the fulfillment of your wishes from tomorrow. Helios FSR Revolution EP stands for the saving of natural resources; Lithium is replaced by synthetic polymers. In addition, additives are saved or achieve better effects with the same dosage. E-mobility of the society requires avoiding the degradation of natural raw materials. Helios FSR Revolution extend bearing life up to 7 times -saving lithuim, saving metall - saving energy and more - the industrial state of the art grease - future: Newest Grease Technology

For daily useage latest marine multipurpose greasehelios NEON Polymer EP+  save natural resources ORDER NOW

Germany: new regulation "water-polluting substances" AwSV effectiv 01st August 2017: all pipework (industrial, machinery, etc landside) have to be double-walled pipes. No inventory protection!

Solution: helios EAL pure fluid® hydraulic fluid (ISO VG 32, 46, 68) does not have any water pollution class (nwg). Please check your machine inventory in relation to regulation.

2017 January

Latest grease development helios lubeoil: Marine Neon multipurpose grease and industrial FSR Revolution Grease is saving resources, "automatic synthetic HYBRID grease", with a very high saving imprint. Please contact for updating your ship and industrial plant bearings. Saving natural resource Lithium and replaced it with synthetic Polymer.

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February 2016:

Base oils are further produced with a higher level of quality.
Finished products receive a higher power range to meet new requirements.

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August 2015:

GTL cutting oils from Houghton developed for a large part of cutting milling CNC industry
Improved lubrication at high.
Temperature at the tool edge.
Less consumption by reducing evaporation. Kostengünsitger other synthetic base oils.
High UV and aging stability for a high bath life.
Low pour point reduces the risk of frost damage of the fresh oil.

- Cutting oil for machining parts industry
- Multi-purpose oil for the machining of non-ferrous metals, cast iron and steel
- Powerful cutting, grinding and Neat with good extreme pressure properties.
- Grinding and cutting oil for gear production, profile and generating grinding
- High-alloyed cutting and Neat, use eg in the manufacturing of common rail injectors and pumps
- Cutting and broaching oil for demanding machining in automotive components
- Heavy-duty machining such as the spaces of racks for steering or workpieces made of nickel or titanium alloys

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May 2015:

Latest cutting oils GTL base oil (without mineral oils), so-called synthetic ... high premium range fluids

positiv testing since January 2015

Synthetic metal processing oil
extremely poor in mist and evaporation
non water miscible cooling and lubricity fluid

Typical Data
e.g. usual viscosity at 40°C ca. 20 mm²/s
densitiy ca.0,83
flashpoint ca. 228°C
Copper corrosion 1
based on GTL-oil (Gas-To-Liquid)

- grinding, honing
- automatic works, turning, milling
- deep drilling, broaching, thread cutting
- cold forging, deep drawing

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HOCUT® 4940 A Global Aerospace Metal Removal Fluid

Meeting Today’s and Tomorrow’s Aerospace Machining Challenges: Ask for product discription and make an appointment with helios lubeoil and Houghton today: Appointment Hocut 4940 Aerospace Metal Removal Fluid Contact

Your Benefits: Hocut® 4940

Aerospace Certificates

The key Aerospace specifications were HOUGHTON’s next
focus. Independent laboratories were engaged to test
Hocut® 4940 according to:
• ASTM F945 – Titanium Stress Corrosion (conforms)
• ASTM F519 – Hydrogen Embrittlement (conforms)
• BAC 5008 Cat. 5 & 6 (conforms)
• BAMS 569-01, all classes (conforms)
• 455-201-0-00 (officially approved)
• PCS 4001 / PCS 4002 (approval pending)
• AIRBUS: pending results
• Pratt & Whitney: pending results

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New trendsetting lubricating fluids. Coming soon ... first series of tests are active.

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