Metal forming

fluids cool, lubricate and protect

Oil analysis lubricants for forming oils

Metal forming: fluids cool, lubricate and protect your expensive manufacturing equipment during stamping, drawing, rolling, heading and other common metal forming processes.

Whether you are producing auto body panels, office furniture, nuts, bolts, heat exchangers or tubes, metal forming fluids offer excellent lubrication and corrosion protection to increase tool life and improve your surface finish.

Choose from a wide range of helios lubeoil and Houghton products specifically formulated for stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, nickel, and galvanized steel. The line includes products suited for all applications, including heavy-duty drawing, stamping, fine blanking and forming operations. There are more forming fluid products available.
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Knowledge of the condition and predictive maintenance, as well as failure analysis and damage monitoring with helios lubeoil oil analysis.

Product expertise, application experience.
Wide range of forming oil and forming fluids find online with helios lubeoil.

Straight Oils:

Soluble Oils:


Vanishing Compounds:  Metal forming applications when no oil film is permissible. Removes residual coating from parts requiring complete removal of film.


Aluminum Wire Drawing:

Copper Wire Drawing:


lubricant consultation and orders at helios lubeoil