Rotate Low Foaming

Oxidation, water, acid determine oil life

Oil analysis lubricants for power plants

industrial fleet, cranes, conveying systems, handling systems


Gas, steam and hydro turbine oils

Analysis of transformer insulating oils inhibited oils / uninhibiert:

- Small VDE - analysis (IEC 60422-2007)
   (Color, clarity, neutralization number, breakdown voltage, water content)

- Large VDE - analysis (IEC 60422-2007)
  (Color, clarity, neutralization number, analytical breakdown voltage, water content, dielectric loss factor, interfacial tension)

- Miscibility analysis transformer oils
   (Dielectric loss factor, neutralization number, pour point, oxidation stability)

Turbine oil analysis
   Gas and steam turbines, sliding and roller bearings, circulating oil
   Water separation, viscosity

Switch and rectifier oils, transformer oil, insulating oil, Helios lubeoil "transformer oil change in vacuum" Service

for turbines and transformer manufacturer

helios Trafoöle, Turbinenöle, Kraftwerk Service