Oil analysis lubricants for Heat treatment metal

HLAS management system for nursing, state testing and fault avoidance in used lubricating oils and fuels. Process Monitoring accompanying analysis in the industrial production process. Competence analysis with first-class laboratory equipment to the scanning electron microscope for the evaluation of cuts in the heat treatment. Target less consumption-saving resources, clean, avoid water in the production steps. Hardening, annealing, tempering and annealing.

Competence analysis, process monitoring, quench monitoring, KSS analytics and monitoring. Accompanying sampling and analysis time set budget position for changing the bath. Oils do not last forever. Tags acidity increase, scale entry, water entry, etc. In ZTU note that needs to be partially cooled to minimize the delay.

helios Quench order small quantities Service for industrial refill or more:

Houghton Quench C series Blank and high quenching between ambient temperature and 80 ° C
Mar Temp M-series hot bath of 80 ° C to 130 ° C
Mar Temp H-series hot oil bath for hot applications; hot from 130 ° C to 180 ° C
Mar Temp VH series hot oil bath for extremely hot applications: extremely hot:> 180 ° C
Klen quench Klen Temp Washable quenching
Vacu quench quench series for vacuum furnace

Aqua Quench MK water-quenching concentration on controlled cooling characteristics between water and oil
Aqua Quench 100, 200 polymer quenching PAG
Aqua Quench 300 quenching polymer PVP
Voluta C cold hardening oils of class UHB
Voluta H hardness for hot oil bath curing at a high cooling for low-distortion hardening

Houghto Safe 620 fire restitant hydraulic and pressure fluid