Oil analysis lubricants for Metalworking Fluids cooling lubricants

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Tooth flanks machining, machining, drawing and shaping. helios MSS metal cutting coolant spray oils use.

Vending machines, stamping and drawing operations. Thread cutting, thread rolling, grinding, hobbing, fine and precision punching, nibbling, deep hole drilling and Abwälzstoßen, spaces and smooth rolls and other kinds of metal and plastic processing.
Flushing action and good sedimentation assets, removal of the grinding abrasion, chips, introductions and rapid settling. Optimum corrosion protection.

Cooling lubricant additive:

- Anti-mist additive is immiscible cooling lubricants in machining operations at high speeds.

- Soluble Cutting Fluids: Chlorine free - mineral oil free

- Latest development 2015 available: boron and formaldehyde-free helios Soluble Cutting Fluids

- Cutting Fluids

- Grinding Fluids