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Corrosion protection helios AntiCorr

Oil analysis lubricants for corrosion protection fluids and AntiCorr - media

Copper-, salt spray- and test chips are available

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Traditional oil-based or wax-based corrosion protection liquids have been in use. Most combined for inside and outside storage up to 6 months, such as Tectyl. Colorless or einfärbt depending on the specification in the manufacturing process.

Today, the usual use of VpCI are active ingredients which evaporate by chemical reactions (sublimate) and enclosed spaces, container saturate (eg export crates) with their vapors. VCI molecules deposited as invisible monomolecular protective layer on the bare metal surface. Due to their polarity, they interrupt the destructive electrochemical corrosion reactions. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (vapor phase corrosion inhibitor).

After the metal and heat treatment corrosion protection is required. VpCI products are very easy to integrate in their manufacturing or assembly process. Workpieces in bulk as well as boards and size of construction parts are reliably protected. In addition to corrosion protection for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals have lubricating properties VpCI products. VpCI corrosion inhibitors open up unique solutions. With VpCI powders to protect difficult to reach cavities. The invisible monomolecular protective layer of VpCI must not be removed. Operations such as scraping, cleaning, degreasing prior to further processing, storage or installation necessary. By VpCI protected parts are processed immediately. Barrier coatings can be easily removed with conventional cleaning methods.

Application - insertion:
-when in close packing
-brush, brush
-Electrostatic painting

-automatic dispensing

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Defoaming defoamer (additives)

Houghton MWS Add. AF 2220 effective defoamer for water-containing mineral oils and mineral oil free coolants. MWS additives AF 2220 is typically in a concentration of 0.01 - 0.02% is added. Storage temperature of 5 - 40 ° C. Buy in helios online shop.

Dewatering dehydrator

RUST VETO DW 162 Water displacing, temporary corrosion inhibitors [ISO 6743-8 RFF] RUST VETO DW 162 provides temporary protection for:
- (semi-) finished automotive and machine components, such as valves, gears, cam shafts, housings, bearings, chains, motors, fasteners, brake systems, precision components, etc. with a highly finished surface ...
- workpieces after metal saws or metal working operations, if the product is used directly for the final rinse / as the dehydrating agent. It also removes soluble oils left behind residual traces.
- Small components, such as fasteners, after washing with water and subsequent storage in large containers. A poor ventilation at the bottom of the storage tank prevents sufficient drying of the parts, which leads to corrosion. RUST VETO DW 162 can also be used in a dual function as cleaners and corrosion inhibitors.