Oil analysis lubricants for Industry

Knowledge of the condition and predictive maintenance, as well as failure analysis and damage monitoring with helios lubeoil oil® analysis. Minimization and planning of failure and downtime. Optimal use of machinery through oil analysis and fat analysis.

Competence analysis, process monitoring, quench monitoring, KSS analytics and monitoring. Accompanying sampling and analysis time set budget position for changing the bath. Oils do not last forever. Tags acidity increase, scale entry, water entry, etc.

Forming oils, drawing oils, quenching oils, quenching oils, metal working oils

Coolants neat, water-miscible

Transformer oils, rectifier oils

Compressor oils, Vacuum oils

Hydraulic oils, mineral, polyglycol, synthetic esters

Industrial gear oils Mineral, synthetic esters

Wind turbines

Biogas plants

Refrigeration systems

Machine monitoring

Deck Equipment



Container bridges

Loading cranes and lift equipment

Converbelts, conveyor belts


Gas turbines, steam turbines, water turbines oils

Oil analysis cost low compared to the damage and the extension of the oil change interval. Check oil HLAS oil analysis. LubeAnalyst