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Diesel, MGO, petrol, Jet A1, fuel analysis monitoring

Analyzes Diesel, MGO, petrol, Jet A1, fuel oil, fuels and fuels
Diesel bacteria investigation, heating oil bacterial analysis and elimination of bacteria.
Jet A1 pattern 10 L min as ADR package delivery.

HLAS helios lubricating oil analysis

HLAS helios lubeoil ® Schmierölanalyen as MFR procurement delivery.
HLAS helios lubeoil® industrial lubricants analysis and MFR procurement plant supply.
HLAS Helios Excellent oil and lubricant analysis, power and fuel analyzes (gasoline-diesel analyzes)

Monitoring the state of the lubricating oil is one of the most important maintenance.
HLAS helios oil analyzes provide information about the state of the machine, engine or system, information on maintenance intervals and give early warning to possible upcoming repairs or unusual stress and wear. The guiding lower spending through anticipatory repair or part replacement and less costly downtime and downtime by knowing and planning from the HLAS oil analysis data. With HLAS helios oil analysis will extend the life of drives and power systems that utilize repair cycles optimally, reduce your risks by unforeseeable damage and put your engine, transmission and hydraulic oil efficiently. Despite all the oil analysis there is no 100% security. In mineral lubricating oils you have a slightly longer period to respond, with the more widespread use of synthetic lubricating fluids, the reaction time is short.
For gas engine oil analyzes a quick HLAS oil analysis is important because the service life depending on fuel / gas insert can be shortened.
HLAS Helios Lubricant (lubricant) analysis system for industrial, marine, yachts, ocean-going vessels, Tansformatorenöle, turbine oils, gas engine oils and more.

Oil condition monitoring, mineral oils, lubricating oils and greases
Construction machinery, industrial equipment, cars, trucks, ships, auxiliary drive, deck equipment, boats, motors, bearings, gears, hydraulics, wind turbines, ...
Fuel analyzes and bacteria test
Diesel EN 590 test
Jet A1 test according to DIN
Business-related tests

Installation of machinery, plant and maintenance service

Lubrication schedules
Lubricant consulting
Lubricant deliveries
Petroleum supply
pure fluid ® from helios